Monday 21 November 2005

How to become famous

I like to see this sort of thing in the mainstream press:
THE Bank of England has been accused this weekend of incompetence, mental paralysis and disgraceful sloppiness in an extraordinary critique by a top economic consultancy.
Here's the key part:
“This report includes little if any analysis of recent monetary and credit growth. It provides absolutely no analysis of sector financial surpluses and deficits. In sum, it is a disgrace.”
This truly is an extraordinary state of affairs. If the Bank of England doesn't know about monetary growth, who does? There again, perhaps the Bank's directors understand full well that if they were "more decisive in fighting inflation" they'd be out of a job. Central banks exist to create inflation and to keep their political masters in power by the use of smoke and mirrors. If one of the directors would admit this in public, he'd go down in history and have his statues erected across the land by a grateful public.

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David Farrer said...

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What the heck do you expect? Just about every 'venerable institution' in London is run by a bunch of public schoolboys who got their jobs via patronage rather than merit.

4 December 2005, 02:42:00 GMT
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Greenspan, preceded in office by Volcker

23 November 2005, 16:39:56 GMT
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Ernst Kaltenbrunner
Greenspan? Israeli agent.

22 November 2005, 23:58:40 GMT
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Fair's fair. Quote from Alan Greenspan, the revered Chairman of the US Federal Reserve: 
"I guess I should warn you, if I turn out to be particularly clear, you've probably misunderstood what I've said"

21 November 2005, 18:34:14 GMT
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Did the "Greet Broon" give the Bank of England freedom to set interest rates as his first act as Chancellor? If you believe that you are a ZanuNu Labour supporter of exceptional stupidity and loyalty, and should be given an immediate peerage. Did I really write "Bank of England"? Correction; England as you all know was abolished by ZanuNu labour when Broon et al devolved Scotland in that famous Scottish referendum, a victory that like Pearl Harbour, will live in infamy.

21 November 2005, 14:30:34 GMT