Friday 20 January 2006

The dog that didn't bark

In this week's issue of the excellent Money Week, there's mention of The Bumper Book of Government Waste that's been published recently.

My favourite item was this:

One advertisement for the Inland Revenue had to be remade because Gordon Brown didn't like the dog: cost £20,000.

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David Farrer said...

Comments made on previous template:

The necessary reform of the public sector has been stalled in Scotland for a long time. For example, Lord Fraser's inquiry into Holyrood found that the huge overspending was caused by "systemic" problems in the public service; however key problems have still to be addressed.  
The PM is now in despair. He's telling the Scottish Executive they won't get more powers until they achieve value for money, reports the Sunday Times.

22 January 2006, 12:18:13 GMT
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Michael Stone
Advertisement? Bloody hell. They charge us for the privilege of telling us that we owe them our earnings otherwise they'll shoot us. Then they proceed to do it wastefully. 
Oh, joy.

21 January 2006, 05:44:19 GMT