Friday, 13 January 2006

I feel a Midlothian Campaign coming on

Interesting post over on Guido Fawkes about the LibDem leadership contest:
Surely only members can vote? Correct, only those who are members on January 26 will be able to vote. Membership is open, it costs a minimum of six pounds, so join and vote. For about 300,000 pounds the Tories can choose the new LibDem leader.
Surely modern technology can enable us to clone Mr Gladstone?

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David Farrer said...

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Jack Maturin
I think Thomas Aquinas, the brilliant 13th century Scholastic (who inspired the Spanish scholastics, who inspired John Locke, who inspired the early Austrian economists), asked the question "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?"

I think we'll shortly be able to say the same about Brown, Cameron, and Hughes. How many liars, cheats, pimps, socialists, and tax thieves, can stand on the head of a 'centre-ground' pin? It would seem about three!
13 January 2006, 22:23:50 GMT – Like – Reply

steve shackleton
If the Tories swing it Mingies (how many G's in Menzies?)way with his avowed intenetion to take to the left maybe they will have the sense to tekk their deserters to the alternative osft right party that they are supporting a socilaist party?

Then again with Cameron in charge they have the choice of three socilaist parties.

Shame a proper Liberal isn't standimg, it would be worth starting a campaign to elect him/her online.
13 January 2006, 20:10:02 GMT