Monday, 23 January 2006

Who wants to be a millionaire?

If I were to move from EH3 to EH4, it could be me!

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David Farrer said...

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Colin: vocab - you're right.  
"lefty": Good God, man, that's a first. "leisure craft" -perhaps we should try that expression on that fat fellow who reviews motor cars?

26 January 2006, 01:12:22 GMT
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Colin Finlay
Doesnt Dearieme mean 'consorting with'in her typical Scottish Lefty suspicion-laden remark regarding the provenance of Lymington-moored leisure-craft? Education at 'the other place'must be going downhill.

25 January 2006, 23:25:24 GMT
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I don't know whether it is a con trick either. But I fervently hope it is.

25 January 2006, 10:13:50 GMT
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Sorry, "whom". Anyway, "Nearly 40% are single or living as unmarried.."; there's a triumph for modern divorce laws, eh?

25 January 2006, 09:04:30 GMT
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So true.

24 January 2006, 11:16:05 GMT
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Well I never: I haven't lived in the rich parts of Edinburgh but I have lived in Lymington. I hadn't known who I was comporting with. I'd assumed that all those extravagantly expensive boats belonged to East End criminals (who presumably don't hold their ill-gottens in such a way that they'd appear in league tables).

24 January 2006, 02:48:39 GMT