Friday, 20 January 2006

Stuff and nonsense

Also in Money Week I note this quote from actress Emma Thompson:
The insanity of consumption bothers me. Talk about the opiate of the masses. It ain't religion any more. It's stuff. Why don't governments stop people from making crap?
One sympathises - It's not as if Emma can afford a lot of "stuff":
In an article named What Stars are Really Worth, Entertainment Weekly (4/12/96) had this to say about Em:

Emma Thompson (Makes art-house movies seem like fun)
Intangible Worth (on a scale of 0-25)= 18

Average Domestic Gross In Millions= 26
Average Foreign Gross In Millions= 44
Recent Salary/Asking Price= 3
Should Earn= 6.2

Appropriately, Emma's daughter has been given the decidedly unstuffy name of Gaia Romilly. How very Nu Conservative. But no, for the NuCons love the NHS and it seems that Gaia made her very first appearance on the distinctly private stage of the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth in Blairite London NW8.

Social etiquette in London must be so confusing these days.

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David Farrer said...

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Yeah, all of us, poor or rich, really need kettles that cost more to fix when they break (two days after the 12 month guarantee runs out) than they do to replace, at 40 quid. Absolutely. Bring on the stuff.  
What does the amount of stuff someone could buy with his money have to do with their impression that there is rather too much existential and economic importance placed on the acquisition of said stuff?

5 February 2006, 16:31:31 GMT
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Gaia Romilly may be an unstuffish name, but it is not unstuffy.

23 January 2006, 05:48:05 GMT
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Michael Stone
Pseudo-intellectual, babbling ninny! A rich, pampered woman complaining that the unwashed masses have too much comfort and need to learn to tighten their belts to save mother earth. Of course, she doesn't have to because she's special. She 'does her bit' by appearing in 'anti-poverty' ads etc. 
Oooh, it makes my blood boil, it does.

21 January 2006, 05:41:54 GMT
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Hey there. Had a site passed on to me at Scottish Blogs, might interest you (might not). 
Ohh and another blogmeet is in the offing... Edinburgh, February 18th.. details on Scottish Blogs..

20 January 2006, 21:09:52 GMT