Thursday 26 October 2006

There may be 503 folk called George Bush in the US...

... but only 34 David Farrers.
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How many have your name?

99.75% of Americans named "David" are male. How odd.

(UPDATE: as expected, there is one (and only one) Elvis Presley living in the US)

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Citizen Stuart
Apparently there is no-one in America called Buzz Aldrin!
28 October 2006, 12:12:25 GMT+01:00 – Like – Reply

I tried Dearie Me and found out that there were lots of surnamed "Me"s but no-one christian-named "Dearie". Then a kind commenter pointed out that"Dearie" was a surname in the US and that Blossom Dearie's surname really was Dearie. And, having typed that, I now suspect that he was pulling my leg and I'm off to check.
27 October 2006, 18:20:58 GMT+01:00 – Like – Reply

james higham
This name thing is really taking everyone by storm.
27 October 2006, 11:15:10 GMT+01:00 – Like – Reply

For UKian figures:

(60 David Farrers in the UK)
26 October 2006, 18:52:12 GMT+01:00 – Like – Reply

Simon Jester
Apparently, there is one person in the USA with the name "Simon Jester".
26 October 2006, 14:27:12 GMT+01:00 – Like – Reply

Andrew Duffin
You should be careful doing research like this.

Look what might happen:
26 October 2006, 12:32:49 GMT+01:00