Thursday 2 August 2007

Enemy agent of the week

I came across an article in the current issue of Director.

It's by:

Cary Cooper CBE (who) is pro vice-chancellor and professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University and chair of the Sunningdale Institute.
He writes about the BBC's show The Apprentice:
The aspiring apprentices brought to mind the Darwinian phrase "nature red in tooth and claw". Several demonstrated the worst aspects of capitalism, as well as greed and inconsiderate behaviour. They tended to be over-aggressive, took credit for others' work and success, demonstrated a lack of loyalty, wanted to win at all costs, and showed a conspicuous lack of self-effacing and supportive behaviour to colleagues.
Hang on a moment. Just what's specifically "capitalist" about those traits? Stalin, Hitler, Mao and God knows how many other anti-capitalists can be thus described. And yes, so can some capitalists. But, as Adam Smith explained, it's capitalism that provides the feedback mechanism that minimises the effect of bad behaviour. One would expect a writer in Director to understand that.

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David Farrer said...

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Ah, the Life Academical is so free of self-aggrandising twerps that mere innocents have to be arm-twisted into accepting the office of pro-Vice Chancellor.

2 August 2007, 15:52:21 GMT+01:00