Wednesday 15 August 2007

The First Minister

After working at two of my three jobs today I rushed up to Charlotte Square to listen to Alex Salmond talking about the new White Paper Choosing Scotland's Future. (Actually, it's blue.) He seemed very relaxed and I'd guess that most of the audience was on his side. Amazingly enough I got chatting to an American graduate student (at Glasgow) who described himself as a libertarian and who was a fan of Salmond.

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David Farrer said...

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David Farrer
He suggested that we could rush out and sell them on eBay that very evening! 
I've decided to keep mine. At least until he's re-established the Darien colony and taken back Berwick. 

16 August 2007, 06:09:09 GMT+01:00
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Bill (Scotland)
I've downloaded my copy off the web; much more environmentally-aware!  
Your copy should be valuable once he's President - lol - or indeed once this documents is buried and forgotten, like the EU Constitutional Treaty.

16 August 2007, 00:01:59 GMT+01:00