Monday 27 August 2007

Don't be vague - ask for Hague

William Hague
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After Saturday night's rather unexciting event with Janet Paisley and Donald Smith it was a very different affair on Sunday afternoon.

William Hague gave a storming performance to a very appreciative audience. Hague was definitely the best speaker whom I've heard at this year's Book Festival. He was primarily talking about his new biography of Wilberforce.

We enjoyed Hague's story of leaving a bookshop in Yorkshire after signing copies of his Pitt book. A gentleman approached Hague and asked, "Eh lad, is that your book?" Yes, replied Hague. "Well, it doesn't look much like you on the cover!"

The session chairman, Iain Macwhirter, told us that we'd all heard an assurance that Hague wouldn't again seek the Tory leadership. I'm not so sure. If I remember correctly, Hague said something like this: "I'm a loyal supporter of David Cameron and with him as leader I'm not a candidate for the party leadership." Not quite ruling it out, I'd guess.

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Joshua Holmes
I remember his tenure during the Prime Minister's Questions, which we Americans get on the pay channel C-SPAN. He struck me as a surprisingly decent and normal guy who had the misfortune of leading a party that was stone cold dead. I tried to think if someone like Hague could ever come to run the Democrats or Republicans in America, and sadly, I have to say the answer is no. 
I was upset about the War in Iraq endorsement, though I wasn't terribly surprised by it. 
My guess is that he peaked too soon, but that he will end up as First Lord in 10 years or so. Perhaps as Prime Minister of England instead of the United Kingdom.

30 August 2007, 07:56:16 GMT+01:00
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David Farrer
I liked the Pitt book too but Wilberforce is hardback only at present.

28 August 2007, 21:18:35 GMT+01:00
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The Wilted Rose
Great. I've just got through Hague's "William Pitt the Younger" so I look forward to "William Wilberforce".

28 August 2007, 21:04:52 GMT+01:00