Friday 21 September 2007

More numbers

I had a go at this quiz that I found on Megan McArdle's site.

I was quite pleased to get 54 out of 60 answers correct which is apparently much better than the typical Harvard man. Five of the six errors concerned fairly obscure questions on American history but the sixth was number 58:

"What is a major effect of a purchase of bonds by the Federal Reserve?"
Outrageous, I thought. I know I'm right! Just wait till I find the appropriate texts and I'll blast those damned Keynesians. But then I heard a voice from the past - always read the question. I'm afraid that I'd read it as a sale of bonds. Oh dear. I suppose that it was number 58 and I was getting tired.

Some of the comments were very interesting:

This Canadian scored 80%. I'll bet very few Americans would score that high on an equivalent Canadian test.
As others pointed out, Americans would know a lot more about Canada if the respective population sizes were reversed. It's not unlike the situation in the UK, I think.

Scots know far more about England than is the reverse. I'm constantly amazed about how many otherwise sensible English folk think that we all live in Glasgow (I love the place by the way), sound like Rab C Nesbitt, occupy a council house, are on the dole and have never paid a penny in income tax. Of course, the resource-rich Canadians are having a quiet laugh now that the value of their Dollar has overtaken the American one. Who knows what the future will bring here...

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David Farrer said...

Comments made on previous template:

David Farrer
I think that such quizzes already exist. I'll try and check it out. 
I'm not sure how to do that. All I've done is ticked the feed thingy on the blogspot template.

23 September 2007, 19:33:11 GMT+01:00
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Patrick Crozier
I got 90% too. And got Q58 wrong. Great minds, huh? 
Off topic. Any chance of a full text feed? It would make you easier to read.

23 September 2007, 16:27:00 GMT+01:00
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Simon Jester
I got 51/60, which I was quite proud of - until I started reading the comments from people who had got 58, 59, 60... 
Still, not bad for an Englishman. 
Have you thought about writing a similar quiz about Scotland, David?

21 September 2007, 12:39:10 GMT+01:00