Monday, 4 August 2008

Margaret Curran: friend of the SNP?

Thanks to James Buxton for alerting me to this article in the Financial Times by John Kay.

Here's the punch line:

Scottish government cannot protect the country from the vagaries of the global economy and should not try. The need is to develop and exploit the competitive advantages of Scottish businesses on an international scale. If Scotland seems to be drifting towards independence, it is not because of the economic logic of that outcome but because, like Ms Curran, opponents cling to a tradition of Red Clydeside that values heroic failure above pragmatic success.

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David Farrer said...

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As long as Scotland's public sector remains bigger than its private sector nothing will change.

9 August 2008, 05:50:53 GMT+01:00
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Bully Wee Alba
A somewhat tenuous observation, if I may say so. 
One of John Mason’s more prominent supporters in the Glasgow East by-election was non other than Jimmy Reid, the former leader of the UCS “work-in”, as opposed to “strike”, in the 1970’s “Red Clydeside”. 
Mr Mason was also supported by non other than Jim Sillars, the former “firebrand socialist SNP MP” for Govan. 
Both Margo MacDonald and Tommy Sheridan have offered their congratulations to John Mason upon this SNP victory. 
These endorsements would hardly imply that Ms Curran’s alleged “Red Clydeside” credentials carried much weight.

6 August 2008, 12:56:15 GMT+01:00