Monday, 4 August 2008

Relocating Edinburgh

In a comment on my previous post Richard Havers says:
Part of out problem in Scotland is having two airports too close to one another with not enough passengers to go around
My reply:

Yes the two airports are a problem.

I used to live in Prestwick. What we need to do is relocate Edinburgh to somewhere like Girvan. Turnberry can replace Muirfield. Culzean already has the castle. After this, Prestwick can take its rightful place as the Central Scotland Airport, midway between Edinburgh and Glasgow. And think of all the work this would make for the builders, Polish or Scots...

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David Farrer said...

Comment made on previous template:

Neil Craig
Relocating the capital, which is not quite the same as relocating Edinburgh, has some appeal. The problem with Edinburgh is that it is all listed buildings which makes everything expensive. Stirling is the communications centre & has space. Just as Brasil built a new capital to help develop the rainforest we could built a new city somewhere south of Plockton. 
Alternately if we built all the tunnels i have suggested making it an easy drive from Islay to St Andrews the geographical centre & logical capital becomes Glasgow.

11 August 2008, 15:42:19 GMT+01:00