Monday, 25 August 2008

Now, where was I?

DK has tagged me with one of those meme things. This one is about "where were you when?"

So, here goes:

Princess Diana's death—31 August 1997

I was sound asleep when I was awakened by a very early phone call. It was Mrs F&W who was over in the US visiting her family. "Have you heard the news?" she asked. "Err, no, I was asleep. What's happened?" So on went the TV and I watched what was going on. I went to the pub at lunchtime to read the papers and everyone was talking about Di. Although I was shocked at the later mass hysteria I do confess that I drove the mile up to the A40 to see the hearse make its way from Northolt into Central London.
Margaret Thatcher's resignation—22 November 1990
This occurred on the day that the future Mrs F&W arrived from the US to stay with me for six weeks. I remember driving home from Gatwick and explaining how it was possible for the UK to have a new PM without there being a general election.
Attack on the twin towers—11 September 2001
That morning I had some serious dental attention that required penicillin. I'd scheduled the rest of the day off work and asked the dentist whether it was OK to have a beer on the way home. "Sure" he said, "I always like a beer after work." He was from south Asia and I said, "So you're a Hindu then and not a Muslim?" "No, I am a Muslim, but most of us don't pay any attention to that alcohol stuff. Have your beer." I took the tube back to Ealing, had my pint and went home. Turning on the Teletext I saw that a plane had hit the WTC. I assumed that this was something small like a Cessna but clicked on the item. The whole story was just starting. I phoned Mrs F&W at work and everyone there had heard about it. A couple of builders were working on our driveway and I called them up to see the news on TV. People just wanted to talk about the event.
England's World Cup Semi Final v Germany in—4 July 1990
I haven't got a clue! Although I was born in Scotland and now live here, I did live in London for more than thirty years and am both English and Scottish by parentage. I do support England at football. Unless they are playing Scotland that is...
President Kennedy's Assassination—22 November 1963
We'd just moved to London and I was at a photographic club meeting. It ended late and I phoned home to say that I'd been delayed. My mother told me the news but I don't think that I really understood the significance at the time especially as there was speculation that the Russians had done it. I can vaguely remember the events of the next few days.
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