Thursday, 14 August 2008

Vlad the Invader speaks


Congratulations on your stunning victory. The motherland salutes your achievements.

You have bravely restored order on our southern flank. The imperialists have been vanquished. Workers of the world salute you.

But now I must ask you to undertake another task. And an even greater challenge awaits you.

Your next campaign will take you far to the West. To a country that has been a thorn in our side for decades. But comrades, take heart. For the way has been paved for another swift victory.

For a long time now our agents have been at work. The enemy has been under constant attack by internal Gramscians working on our behalf. It is now several decades since the Farringdon Pravda exhibited any signs of liberalism. The once robust broadsheet of the capitalist bosses has also fallen to our people. And, needless-to-say, the state owned broadcasting organisation remains under our firm control. The latest “A Level” results show just how well we have undermined the enemy’s schools. And the universities have been ours for a generation, as have all local authorities.

Comrades. Soldiers.

Prepare now for the liberation of Britain.

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