Thursday 24 April 2003

Happy Birthday!

Who would have believed it?

Freedom and Whisky is one year old today.

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David Farrer said...

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David Farrer
Thanks for the good wishes. Time now for a wee dram, or two.

26 April 2003, 11:34:33 GMT+01:00
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Peter Briffa
Squashed tomatoes and stew!

25 April 2003, 08:19:18 GMT+01:00
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Sharon Ferguson
Congratulations, David!! You have a fine blog

25 April 2003, 02:08:45 GMT+01:00
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MB will hoist her Scotch Ale this afternoon in your honor; whisky doesn't help her ability to fix supper, so the ale will have to do as a substitute!!  

24 April 2003, 13:28:48 GMT+01:00
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Jackie D
Happy birthday! Quite an accomplishment for a one-year-old to appreciate the value of freedom and whisky -- can't wait to see what it's like in its teens...

24 April 2003, 12:07:13 GMT+01:00