Sunday 6 April 2003

Labour has been found out

The Financial Mail on Sunday publishes a survey of business attitudes to the government.

The survey asked:
Does this government understand enough about what business needs to thrive?

The answers:
No, not al all: 61.2%
No, not enough: 33%
Don't know: 3.9%
Yes: 1.9%

Ah, but these are the responses of the greedy bosses, aren't they? What about ordinary people?
The main section of the Mail has its own survey:

Will extra money raised by the National Insurance rise improve the NHS or be wasted?
Improve NHS: 22%
Be wasted: 72%

Would you support extra tax rises to improve schools and hospitals?
Support: 35%
Oppose: 62%

Has Labour become the party of tax and spend?
Yes: 60%
No: 21%

Is Labour squeezing the middle class?
Yes: 52%
No: 26%

This looks like a party that should be on the run. A half-competent low-tax opposition would be sweeping all before it. There's no sign of this yet but the opportunity is there for the taking