Friday 11 April 2003


This article about Derek Reid, formerly chief executive of the Scottish Tourist Board, has some useful ideas about the Scottish economy, especially tourism - our largest industry. I agree that politicians don't seem to have any idea about how important tourism is for Scotland but they are not the only ones in need of re-education.

Earlier in the week I went for a drive. At about 1 pm I went into a pub in Kirkliston, near Edinburgh airport. I'd been before and asked for one of their cheese rolls. "Sorry sir, we don't do meals (sic) on Tuesdays." Two other men then entered and asked for the menu. Like me, they left. I eventually ended up in the small town of Dollar in Clackmannanshire. Another pub and a request for the menu. "Sorry sir, the kitchen closed at 2." This sort of nonsense has been written about often in the Scottish press. Come on people: get your act together.