Tuesday 1 April 2003

Tory defection

Outgoing Tory MSP Keith Harding has defected to the Scottish People's Alliance:
Mr Harding will stand for the SPA on the Mid Scotland and Fife regional list and in the Stirling constituency, where he will go head to head with his former colleague, Brian Monteith, who is standing for the Tories in the city.
Freedom and Whisky contacted Brian Monteith who said:
It is deeply disappointing that Keith has chosen to leave the Party and stand against me, especially after all the personal support I have given him over the last four years. The SPA is not even on the radar screen, and yet, at the risk of losing many personal friends, he has gambled that this fledgling party will keep him in Parliament. I think it is a serious error of judgement and I only hope on a personal note that he is not badly scarred by the political rough and tumble that tends to follow political defections.
Although the SPA has called for reductions in taxation they support the introduction of identity cards. They also place great emphasis on democratic "rights" rather than the rights of individuals against the state. The state is not our friend and the state needs to be limited.