Friday 18 April 2003

No "stab in the back"

I have been reading the latest issue of Economic Affairs, the journal of the Institute of Economic Affairs. John Chown quotes from a House of Commons Social Security Committee report of 1996:
The UK's current national debt is equivalent to about £5,000 per person. If one added to that the per capita burden of our unfunded pension liabilities, the total debt burden in the UK would be some £9,000 per person. But if we took on also our share of the total unfunded pension liabilities of the EU, that figure would increase to some £30,000 of debt for every man, woman and child in this country.
Over the last few weeks, British servicemen have died in a war that was not supported by our EU "allies". How many more would have survived if support had been forthcoming?

Now we read that Tony Blair wants to take us into the Euro and become President of a United States of Europe. Quite apart from destroying the liberties of the British people, Blair's plan will cost each of us, "man, woman and child", a sum equal to the average annual wage. How many of us want to give a year of our lives to satisfy the vanity of Tony Blair?