Sunday 13 April 2003

Tourism, again

The publicly funded VisitScotland organisation is under fire. Its call centre is accused of gross incompetence by people in the tourist business who are now threatening to boycott the service. Astoundingly, VisitScotland told callers that Perthshire was in "Aberdeen and Grampians" and that Castle Douglas was 100 miles away from its actual location. The organisation's response:
A spokesman said he was 'gobsmacked' at the Perthshire error as staff received a month's training in Scottish geography and history.
What is really shocking is that staff should need a "month's training in Scottish geography and history" to be able to do their job. Alex Neil (standing again for the Scottish Parliament) shouldn't just be criticising VisitScotland for its staff's lack of geographical knowledge but should be asking why our schools have failed to teach fundamental facts about the country.