Tuesday 5 October 2004

Why are they emigrating?

It's sad that the Martin's son and his family have been forced to go abroad to find a job. And it is indeed true that we have a low-wage and high-price economy.

But the Martin's "solution" is for politicians to:

take measures to lower the cost of housing radically, and to provide cheaper child care.
I have a funny feeling that the Martins don't mean a culling of our planning regime nor a freeing up of the child care market by eliminating red tape. Sadly it sounds like they want more government spending for their pet projects. If we want Scotland's skilled young people to remain here we need less government activity, not more. Then we could enjoy a thriving high-wage and low-price economy.

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David Farrer said...

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Neil Craig
We have done this before but if the number of new houses could be doubled & the manufacturing price halved by gutting the regulatory system (I believe that is easily achievable) we would have no need for subsidies to stop people moving out.

7 October 2004, 23:27:24 GMT+01:00