Saturday 12 February 2005

Another one bites the dust

For details, look here.

I believe that the USS Neverdock has actually docked here in Scotland!

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David Farrer said...

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24 February 2007, 20:26:33 GMT
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dave t
The Day by Day cartoons by Chris Muir are great; Marc, the webmaster of Neverdock is ex USN and never hesitates to go for the Beeb if they show their 'impartiality'.....or was that 'anti-Americanism'? 
I read Marc most days as well.

19 February 2005, 18:41:23 GMT
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Stuart Dickson
I have to thank The Cabarfeidh Pages for first pointing me in the direction of USS Neverdock, and the fact that he resides in Scotland. 
I have listed him in my Scottish Political Blogs links section for about two weeks now. 
Bit of an eccentric character, but then so are a lot of the blogs which I gleefully link to. I like his cartoons.

12 February 2005, 20:19:00 GMT