Sunday 27 February 2005

Glasgow: sexism still a problem

The gentleman in front of me asked for a day return to Glasgow Exhibition Centre. The young lady at Haymarket station seemed surprised when I asked for a similar ticket.

After an hour or so, as my train approached the Exhibition Centre station, I noticed that well over half of the passengers were female, not to mention young. Praise the Lord, I thought: the Leader of All Progressive Humanity (Copyright: Gerald Warner) has expunged the curse of sexism from Scotland's largest city. How wonderful it is to live in the 21st Century, one in which all of those young ladies were also on their way to the Model Rail Scotland show!

Alas, no.

As the visitors entered the SECC there was a parting of the ways. A 95% male group charged towards the waiting model trains, including ones with live steam, while a 99% female crowd surged into the adjacent hall in which they would find the Scottish Wedding Show. Sexual stereotypes live on in Glasgow it seems. There ought to be a law against it.

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David Farrer said...

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24 February 2007, 20:26:32 GMT
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David Farrer
"their boyfriends/husbands wouldn't let them go & look at wedding dresses" 
Sons in most cases I think.

1 March 2005, 20:42:55 GMT
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Neil Craig
So the train drivers were 95% male? I bet the other 5% were really pissed that their boyfriends/husbands wouldn't let them go & look at wedding dresses.

1 March 2005, 19:31:39 GMT
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Sharon Ferguson
Bad thing is, when some of these brides are suddenly faced with motherhood, they will suddenly pay very close attention to the [liberal] idea that one should not influence a baby to play with only certain things and will want to give trains and trucks to little girls.  
so many the train people chose the wrong group to pair up with, eh? :D

1 March 2005, 04:13:21 GMT
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Sharon Ferguson
Maybe if someone had dressed a train in white and put bows on it ... or something...  
And I'm sure David has gagged and passed out at THAT thought... 
Oh well...what can I's in the genes to be more attracted to veils and poufy dresses than smokestacks and wheels???

1 March 2005, 04:11:59 GMT
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28 February 2005, 23:57:09 GMT
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That'll be GENDERISM, I hope.

28 February 2005, 14:30:36 GMT
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David Farrer
No. I was dressed more like a train driver than a wedding guest!

27 February 2005, 18:56:15 GMT
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Andy Wood
I trust you did your bit for feminism by going to the Scottish Wedding Show?

27 February 2005, 17:04:45 GMT