Sunday 27 February 2005

He still doesn't get it

Jack McConnell knows how to save the Scottish economy!

And how is this to be achieved? Are we going to get low taxes and a smaller government? Not quite:

The building blocks are in place for the Scottish public sector to help the Scottish economy to take an important step forward, according to First Minister Jack McConnell.
We've already got Europe's largest state sector and it's not producing the goods.

More international flights and an increased number of entrepreneurial immigrants are all very well, but they'll come here automatically if economic conditions are appropriate for businesses. We've been trying to create prosperity through state spending for far too long. It's time to try the alternative.

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David Farrer said...

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Phil Hunt
To be fair to McConnell, consider what would happen if Scotland cut public spending and taxes -- Wesminster would simply reduce the amount of money it gave to Scotland. 
So we'd get no benefit.

28 February 2005, 21:27:03 GMT
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Neil Craig
“I believe that we are at an important point in Scottish history, McConnell said. “We could be on the verge of something quite special.” 
The man is a true visionary - not.

27 February 2005, 21:04:16 GMT