Monday 21 February 2005

Here's tae us...

There's an ancient Scottish tradition of comparing ourselves with other countries, especially the big one that lies to the south. Here's today's statistic: with 8.5% of the UK population Scotland has 20% of the largest blogs! Yeah, I know that my friends at Samizdata aren't included in the survey but I was pleasantly surprised by this news.

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David Farrer said...

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Neil Craig
More evidence that Scots have a disproportionate net presence: 
"SCOTTISH football fans have finally been outed as the most powerful lobby group in the land. After inundating the London Development Agency last week with internet votes for Baxter’s Bridge as the name for the structure on the new Wembley way, they are now beginning to catch on down south. Channel 4 twigged that votes were rigged for its architecture programme, Demolition, which asks the public to nominate a building "you really hate or makes your life a misery".  
Parkhead and Ibrox were miles ahead of any other buildings in Britain. A Channel 4 spokesman said: "We are aware of the campaign from the Celtic and Rangers fans. The voting has quite obviously got nothing to do with architecture. We are not here to settle other people’s rivalries and will just filter out these votes."

28 February 2005, 20:16:04 GMT
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David Farrer
I was using the first listing rather than the current one. 
I have added you to my blogroll today.

25 February 2005, 18:35:26 GMT
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Phil Hunt
Are you sure you've correctly located all the Scottish ones. I'm posting from Edinburgh, for example.

25 February 2005, 17:42:39 GMT
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Neil Craig
I am not surprised at this. At one time I was on Channel 4's news discussion group & for some reason a poster asked us to identify where we were from. Not far short of 50% were Scots.

21 February 2005, 23:31:39 GMT
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Andrew Ian Dodge
That is truly funny, most of the top UK blogs are not even listed...doh.

21 February 2005, 21:40:44 GMT
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David Farrer
They're not all conservative or libertarian although many are. 
Scottish Independence is what it says and is politically centrist (Stuart will correct me if I'm wrong!) 
Lenin's Tomb is a socialist.

21 February 2005, 19:49:27 GMT
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David Rossie
Forgive me, I am only an American bloggoisseur and don't know much about British blogs besides samizdata and your own blog right here, so are those only the top 20 conservative or libertarian British blogs? I don't have much time to sift through them all at the moment so I'm saving time by asking you guys =)

21 February 2005, 19:36:25 GMT
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David Farrer
If you click on it you get sent here! 
It's quite interesting how many other sites list this one as "Freedom and Whiskey" but nevertheless the link works. Copying and pasting the URL but not the name I suppose.

21 February 2005, 12:37:50 GMT
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Andrew Duffin
Hmm. Are you sure that "Freedom and Whiskey" [sic] is really you? Maybe it's some Irish upstarts...

21 February 2005, 12:27:49 GMT
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Scott at Blithering Bunny
Enjoy it while it lasts! More blogs coming in, and things will change.

21 February 2005, 11:01:41 GMT