Monday 16 January 2006

Swedish Role

I note that the manager of a football team of a nation not too far from here has fallen for the old Sheikh con.

Even more astounding is this news in today's Scotsman:

Yesterday, the Swiss (sic) responded to the revelations by stressing that he remains "100 per cent committed" to England.
Swiss? You could have fooled me: I never knew they were so raunchy.

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David Farrer said...

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dave t
18 January 2006, 19:40:23 GMT – Like – Reply

Martin Kelly

In Eriksson's case, they would be cuckold clocks.
18 January 2006, 11:46:27 GMT – Like – Reply

dave t
I didn't think the Swedes made cockoo clocks either......
17 January 2006, 08:16:37 GMT