Sunday 27 October 2002

Artists against elitists

A couple of months ago I blogged about the Fife artist, Jack Vettriano, and discussed his rejection by the arts establishment. Now, other artists are speaking out:
Several leading figures in the arts world have added their weight to a growing campaign for the work of painter Jack Vettriano to be properly recognised by the Scottish arts establishment.
Perhaps the establishment has a problem with Vettriano's previous career as a coal miner, but as painter Joseph Maxwell says:
"His prints have sold more than anyone else in the country and there’s nothing to say that it is bad art. What’s wrong with the National Galleries recognising the public love of Vettriano? It’s the public’s gallery after all.
Indeed, our National Galleries do belong to the public and not to the tax-consuming elitists who can't compete with a successful artist like Jack Vettriano.