Tuesday 29 October 2002

British History 100

There is an interesting article on reasononline by Joyce Malcolm who has written a book on gun control in Britain. Unfortunately, she makes the common and annoying error of mixing up "England" and "Britain". I have sent her this e-mail:
I enjoyed reading your article on Reason Online and look forward to getting the book. But what on earth is the "English government"? The last time there was such an entity was 69 years before the American Declaration of Independence. Hey, even Tony Blair isn't English! Nor are the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Lord Chancellor, the Leader of the House of Commons, the Speaker of the House of Commons, theTransport Secretary, the Chairman of the Labour party, the leader of the Conservative party, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, etc. etc.

Best wishes
David Farrer

I look forward to a reply....