Thursday 24 October 2002

A smart President

I was pleased to read that President Bush has become a customer of Reid & Taylor, the Scottish weaving company which was also patronised by my grandfather. As a child, I was always told that the cloth from Langholm was the best in the world. The President's tailor is:
tailoring the suits from the Scots fabric for next summer, and the president has already expressed an interest in a very expensive cloth for which Reid & Taylor has just won exclusive world rights. Escorial 12 Micron, at £800 per metre, is so rare that only one or two flocks in every Escorial breed have the ability to produce it. The miniature sheep can be traced back to the 16th century when Moorish invaders introduced them to Spain from north Africa to make ultra-soft garments for King Phillip II.
I'm not too sure what to make of the fact that the President may soon be wearing suits made from the wool of miniature Islamic sheep...