Saturday 19 October 2002

We're the tops!

Am I becoming an old fogey when I find it rather odd to learn that John Lennon and Princess Diana are among the top ten Britons of all time? The Scotsman has published its own list of top ten Scots as picked by "a specially-selected panel". I have no problem with most of the list but can the top ten really include Billy Connelly but not Adam Smith or Andrew Carnegie? It turns out that the "specially-selected panel" is made up of four politicians, four artists, two sportsmen, two media commentators and one academic. Where are the business managers and entrepreneurs on the panel? At least seven and probably ten of the panel of thirteen work for the state. Fortunately, Scotland has produced more than its share of inventors, scientists and entrepreneurs. It's a pity that more of them don't make it on to the "specially-selected panels" of our major newspapers.