Saturday 26 October 2002

The voters decide

I was pleased by the news that Sir Clement Freud has beaten Germaine Greer in the contest to become rector of St Andrews University. In her campaign, Ms Greer:
also faced opposition from a group stemming from the Liberty Club, a right-wing student organisation, calling itself the "Anyone but Greer" campaign. These, however, were dismissed by Miss Greer as a ‘glorified boys’ drinking club’."
The Liberty Club is a libertarian group, not "right-wing", and I suspect that Ms Greer made the same mistake as the Scotsman journalists. As for a "glorified boys’ drinking club", I have attended a Liberty Club event and can confirm that members do indeed enjoy the odd bevvy, but they are not all males. In other words, they fit the profile of 99% of Scottish students. No wonder they sent Ms Greer homeward to think again.