Tuesday 4 March 2003

Can you afford to be green?

This letter is from the Convenor of the Executive of the Scottish Green Party. Mr Corbett calls for the election of more "Green" MSPs who would be "interested in progressive causes such as the peace movement or social enterprise".

"Social enterprise." Isn't that the sort of thing that socialists and communists are always going on about? I think it is. How wonderful to note that Mr Corbett lives in Ann Street, and as we all know:

Particularly famous is Ann Street, which the poet Sir John Betjeman claimed was "the most attractive street in Britain" and which is now one of Edinburgh's most exclusive addresses.
This reminds me of the Socialist Party of Great Britain who used to assure me at Speakers' Corner in London that, once socialism had been achieved, anyone could have a Rolls Royce at no cost.

I'll settle for that house in Ann Street.