Wednesday 19 March 2003

Say yes to home schooling

It is rather unusual to read something in the Scottish press that is in favour of home schooling:
Home schooling has moved on a great deal in the past 20 years and as numbers grow it is becoming a less isolating choice, with parents getting together in groups and networks to share ideas and using things like kumon, the oriental learning system, which runs nationwide drop-in classes, to help.

....It is high time Scotland rethought its old-fashioned approach to home education. We need to learn to think a bit more out of the box. Why not encourage it? Or at least support it? These are committed parents who are often giving up earning power to spend at least part of their time teaching their kids. They are also taking a burden off the state system.

Seeing this article in the normally very statist Glasgow Herald is especially encouraging.

Schoolhouse is Scotland's own pro-home schooling organisation. Have a look at Brian's Education Blog for more discussion on matters educational.