Friday 14 March 2003

A load of rubbish

Gerry Hassan is correct. Scotland has a real problem with litter. Writing on Glasgow he says:
The most obvious manifestation of this is the run-down, tatty nature of so much of the city: the litter, vandalism, and graffiti.
But apparently it's better in Dundee because it's smaller and has more civic pride. I note too that Dundee has a minority Labour-controlled council whereas Glasgow is virtually a one-party state.

As Hassan comments:

Let's be blunt: there is a contemporary Scottish sentiment which likes to avoid individual responsibility and see problems as the fault of others. This allows us to be self-righteous, blame others, and wax ourselves into a terrible rage, without ever having to think about doing something or our own actions. Attractive? I think not
This problem is worst in Labour-dominated Glasgow but by no means confined to that city.