Friday 14 March 2003

People's Alliance

Previously known as the New Party for Britain, the new "centre-right" party has now emerged as the People's Alliance. The party will be contesting the Scottish election on 1st May. What is interesting is that the Alliance has now dropped its expected policy of abolishing the Scottish parliament but rather:
The Alliance, the new centre-right force set up to contest this year’s elections, had been expected to propose the scrapping of the devolution settlement. Instead it will advocate keeping the Scottish Parliament but getting rid of Scottish MPs.

... Under the party’s plans, there would be 56 MSPs who would use the Scottish Parliament as they do now to decide domestic policy, but then travel to London to take part in debates and vote on reserved matters, such as defence and foreign affairs.

I think that this is a great improvement on their previous policy. I don't think that there is any chance that Scots would support the abolition of the Edinburgh legislature, but there is great anger at the ever-rising cost of governance. Whether the PA will get anywhere remains to be seen. Nevertheless, I do welcome the emergence of radical proposals to reduce the size of Scotland's political class.