Monday 24 March 2003

Right and Left

The Glasgow Herald writes about Internet coverage of the war. The article says that:
The three biggest American news networks - CNN, ABC, and CBS - have gone into competition with each other and with magazines such as Newsweek and internet providers, including Micro-soft's MSN and Yahoo!
Then, the Herald writes:
In contrast,, the left-wing website which came to prominence in the wake of the Genoa anti-capitalist riots in 2001, carries reports of human shields positioned in Baghdad. Alongside reports of global protests, the site features links to reports by Robert Fisk, the foreign correspondent for the Independent, and Noam Chomsky, the academic and critic of US foreign policy.
The writer seems quite oblivious of the fact that CNN is reviled by "rightwing" Americans as being the "Commie News Network". Indeed, many Americans have grave doubts about the neutrality of ABC and CBS. Unsurprisingly, the dead-tree media reporter fails to mention the huge amount of coverage and comment on the war that appears in the blogosphere.