Saturday 8 March 2003

A difference of opinion

Here are two letters about Edinburgh University's new admission policy. Steven Wilkinson, an Edinburgh graduate, writes:
As a University of Edinburgh graduate, I ought to be pleased that the university has decided retrospectively that the fact I attended a state school near Edinburgh, and that I was the first in my family to attend university, ought to have entitled me to some preference in admissions. But I am far from pleased, since this policy strikes at the heart of the principle of merit.
He spoils his case by saying that he "ought" to be pleased by the new policy, but otherwise gives good reasons why this policy will cause harm.

Jim Gallagher supports the new rules:

As a first-year student at the University of Edinburgh, I think the new admissions policy is fantastic and should be adopted by many other institutions.
When and if Mr Gallagher graduates, I wonder what he would say if a potential employer refuses to hire him on the grounds that a non-graduate "could have done even better if educated to the same level" and is therefore more worthy of a job.