Monday 17 March 2003

The coming return of business?

The Scotsman's George Kerevan says that the time is ripe for business to get back into politics. Describing the Glasgow City Chambers, Kerevan reminds us:
... this redoubt of the Glasgow Labour administration - and Glasgow is likely to be the only major Scottish city still in Labour hands after 1 May - was clearly not built by anyone of a left-wing persuasion. Its magnificent 1880s facade depicts Queen Victoria receiving the homage of the Empire. It is a tribute to the time when Scottish politics, at both national and local level, was dominated effortlessly by the business class.
I read yesterday's reports about the disillusionment that has set in among those business leaders who pledged support for Labour during the first elections for the Scottish parliament four years ago:
the entrepreneur and property developer (and also owner of Rangers Football Club) David Murray denounced the Labour-dominated Executive for being dominated by "teachers, councillors and researchers" with little direct understanding of business.
Well, I could have told Mr Murray that in 1999 although, to be fair, I don't have his moneymaking skills! Let's hope that business people get more involved in politics here in Scotland. He who pays the piper should call the tune.