Tuesday 4 May 2004

Blowing in the wind

There's certainly no shortage of wind in Scotland, and not just from politicians. I used to be generally favourable to the spread of wind farms, but I hadn't really realised just how many had already been built, nor was I fully aware of their size. Now, there's a growing backlash against wind farms:
A public debate took place on Monday night - with objectors saying the landscape could be spoiled by up to five new wind farms in Perthshire.
Having noticed more and more of these developments, I now conclude that they do pose a considerable threat to the visual environment and therefore to our tourist industry.

The real reason for the expansion of the wind farm industry is, of course, the Scottish Executive's commitment to the global warming scam:

Scottish Ministers announced in March that as much as 40% of Scotland's electricity should be generated from renewables by 2020.
I have been told by a top energy professional that this 40% "renewables" target is an unscientific nonsense, but that there will be no sensible long-term energy planning (like constructing new nuclear power stations) until the lights start going out. Politicians are interested in the next election, not our energy needs in sixteen years time.