Sunday 30 May 2004

They have no shame

Yet another two fingers to the Scottish taxpayer:
THE Holyrood project was at the centre of a new costs row last night when it emerged that at least £100,000 of taxpayers’ money is being spent on a leading QC to defend the Executive’s interests at the official inquiry into the fiasco.

Opposition politicians demanded answers from ministers over the decision to hire Laura Dunlop, a senior advocate, for the last eight months for around £2,000 a day, when the Executive already employs about 100 full-time lawyers in its legal department.

Exactly. What are those 100 in-house lawyers doing with our money? And is it right that the Executive be represented at the taxpayers' expense anyway? What If the Holyrood Inquiry finds that named individuals who are members of the Executive are at fault. Will they have to pay their own legal costs? Don't hold your breath.

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