Wednesday 19 May 2004


I paid a brief visit to Keswick yesterday and saw some of the sights:

I understand that there are some lakes and hills there as well....

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David Farrer said...

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David Farrer (
You may be pleased to hear that the Pack Horse has been "done up" and isn't as nice as it once was.

21 May 2004, 15:41:19 GMT+01:00
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David Crookes (
Well, I think it is most pleasant to enjoy walks and hills while the sun shines, and then as the evening settles, to roll into the pub, with weary legs... 
Best of both worlds.

20 May 2004, 13:05:50 GMT+01:00
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Mark (
I have it "in for" the Pack Horse after the landlord didn't give me a summer job many years ago on the grounds that I didn't live in Keswick. 
The Dog & Gun didn't give me a job either....

20 May 2004, 12:00:00 GMT+01:00