Monday 24 May 2004

Wind power and energy

It looks as though we are going to pay a lot for the Executive's energy policy:
ENERGY giants Scottish Power and Scottish & Southern Electricity have approached the utility regulator with proposals to charge customers an extra £1 billion to help meet government targets for renewable energy.
The David Hume Institute has a new paper on the economics of wind power that is available as a PDF file.

Over on the Mises Blog there's an interesting ongoing discussion on the energy question.

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David Farrer said...

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Neil (
Thank you very much for that. From page 30 the only currently operating offshore windfarm comes in at 7p per unit & nuclear at 2.3p (both wholesale but add 30% to you & me).  
I had a leter in the Scotsman saying that, by nuclear's standard of being OK for the next 5 billion years, it must be classed as a renewable but it appears the government have a different standard.

31 May 2004, 00:38:05 GMT+01:00