Wednesday 9 February 2005

Should local councillors get £25K?

The taxpayers of Dundee don't think so:
THE DUNDEE-BASED Council Tax Payers’ Association last night said that proposed 250% salary increases for councillors are “beyond belief”.
Not true, I'm afraid. It's all too believable. I really would be surprised if there's anyone left who doesn't realise that the whole point of Labour governments - yes even one headed by the saintly Tony Blair - is to fleece the taxpayer.

The "beyond belief" comment was obviously a bit of hyperbole. As the Taxpayers' spokesman says:

“This ridiculous announcement clearly identifies the priorities of our local/national politicians.

“In the private sector salaries are performance related. Obviously this does not apply to the public sector decision makers. It would be difficult to stand up and justify a 250% increase for any councillor.”

The Tories agree that councillors should get more but that the rise should be paid for by reducing the number of councillors. I suppose that's a start - private companies with council-sized turnover make do with modestly-sized boards of directors.

The most shocking proposal is that retiring councillors should get a "golden goodbye of £30,000". A golden bullet, more likely. Generally speaking, local councillors are incompetent, especially where our money is concerned. Why don't they stop the early retirement racket under which clockwatching bureaucrats get leaving packages that the rest of us could only dream about?

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David Farrer said...

Comments made on previous template:

I would be pleased to see all UK councillors paid £30,000 to go. Provided the're not replaced

16 February 2005, 14:36:46 GMT
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Neil Craig
A golden goodbye cannot be justified as deserved but politics is the art of getting along peacefully - sometimes it is worth paying for reform (by a limited payment never by paying forever which is much more common. 
I think there is no real doubt that a PR electoral system will open up councils & even a 1% improvement in efficiency would save 100s of millions. 
Another useful reform would be cutting the number of councillors.

10 February 2005, 19:01:42 GMT