Monday 14 March 2005

The ethnic cleansing of Scotland's middle class

There's a very good article from Katie Grant in today's Scotsman:
Yet as a group, the middle classes are disliked. If you pay for your child’s education you are a snob. If the child then tries to secure a place at Oxford or Cambridge, you are not only a snob, but a traitor too. If you drive a four-wheel-drive you are a monster. If you have two homes you are a parasite. If you prefer opera to T in the Park you are that worst thing of all, an elitist. Since the aristocracy has nearly disappeared, or, at any rate, have learnt to keep their profiles so low that most people think they have disappeared, attention has turned to the next in the pecking order. The middle classes are now fairer game than foxes.
And ideas have consequences. Ms Grant sees this outcome:
It is a tribute to the middle classes that, through all this, they plod on. One day, however, they may well rise up and throw off the Calvinist guilt that keeps quiescent even as their money is chucked, with hideous incompetence, into failing health and education systems they find impossible to use. There will be no revolution, however. The Scottish middle classes will take their revenge in quite another way. If things carry on like this, many will take a deep breath, vote SNP and move south.
That may well be so. As for myself, I'm now mainly living on savings and investments made when I worked down south together with a bit of part-time work to provide some extras. I expect to remain here, come what may. I can't help thinking that it might be quite fun to watch the collapse of Scotland's socialist society close at hand. There'd be plenty to blog about, that's for sure.

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David Farrer said...

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Neil Craig
Robert come to Scotland we have less rain. 
(OK also less sun)

16 March 2005, 18:44:00 GMT
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Robert Speirs
Gee, I've often thought of going to live in Scotland when I retire, since my father was from there. If things are as bad as you say, maybe I have to rethink matters and stay here in Florida.

16 March 2005, 15:13:46 GMT
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Tom Findlay
The trouble with Scots, is probably that we have no damn fellow feeling at all, so said Grieve. 
My grown up kids refuse to live here, even though they were born and brought up on Skye. They say the culture is sour. And the people are dour.

15 March 2005, 08:11:09 GMT
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Well, a snob, traitor, monster and elitist I may be, but thank goodness I can't afford to be a parasite.

14 March 2005, 21:10:11 GMT
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Neil Craig
I don't really agree. The lefties arn't particularly working class, as the article mentions wrt Reid. Donald Dewar was never confused with a member of the working classes, the greens who make faces at SUVs are overwhelmingly middle class. They use working class rhetoric as a way to retain middle class jobs in the state infrastructure, middle class building listing & planning controls & indeed middle class opera grants.  
Somebody once referred to Reagan as having won by a conspiracy of the Capitalists & the Workers against the others. I find that increasingly profound.

14 March 2005, 19:04:46 GMT
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