Sunday 27 March 2005

Social anthropology

These people sound very familiar. They are:
Not scattered randomly around the country (Check) but heavily concentrated in certain areas (Check). Places with kicky restaurants (Check), places tolerant of alternative lifestyles (Check), places with lots of art galleries (Check) and organic food stores (Check) and Starbucks competitors (Check).
Clearly, we're talking about Edinburgh. It's obvious, isn't it?

But, no. It's somewhere far away:

The heaviest concentration is in the San Francisco Bay area, which, Kotkin says, has the largest percentage of trustfunders of any major metro area in the country.

They are:

People with enough money not to have to work for a living, or not to have to work very hard.
These people tend to be very liberal * politically. Aware that they have done nothing to earn their money, they feel a certain sense of guilt. At the elite private or public high schools they attend, and even more at their colleges and universities, they are propagandized about the evils of capitalism and globalization, and the virtues of environmentalism and pacifism.
(* Socialist in proper English.)

Fascinating stuff. And of course we do have our fair share of such folk here in Edinburgh. I wonder if that's why the extremely bourgeois Edinburgh Central is held by the Labour party.

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David Farrer said...

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erm, wouldn't these be the same as our UK Trustafarians then?

16 April 2005, 14:20:40 GMT+01:00
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Neil Craig
I'm not sure Bertie Wooster would have been counted as a socialist. 
Jeeves was certainly a Tory.

30 March 2005, 19:43:22 GMT+01:00