Friday 11 March 2005

New links

I have recently added some new links to other Scottish sites. Take a look at:

Bill's Comment Page
Cabalamat Journal
Cabarfeidh Pages (Sorry David - I thought you had been linked ages ago!)
Katherine's Adventures
Right for Scotland
Tuesday Club
Scottish Standard
Shuggy's Blogspot
Lost in Westminster
FreeScot Review

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David Farrer said...

Comments made on previous template:

Trackback message 
Title: Scottish Tories Idle in the Office 
Excerpt: What on earth is Brian Monteith - a right-wing member of the small, "wet" Tory group in the Scottish Parliament - up to? Does he not know that voters detest it when politicians throw their hard-earned cash down the drain? 
The taxpayers have kindly... 
Blog name: Independence

18 March 2005, 02:15:20 GMT
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Thanks for the plug, big guy...

14 March 2005, 14:19:33 GMT
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Trackback message 
Title: Níl gach uile fhánaí caillte!* 
Excerpt: * translation : Not all who wander are lost! 
Also by way of Ith, an announcement to any blogger who might be interested : 
\"A week before Tartan Day participants ... 
Blog name: Tributaries

14 March 2005, 13:18:10 GMT
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dave t
Not a trace of arrogance in Dear Don's statement at all......and is a blog or a news-site? Whatever it is, it is jolly confusing!

14 March 2005, 00:07:34 GMT
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Don Black
Too many Scots bloggers arent much good at blogging and Dickson's effort is particularly cringe-inducing.Americans invented this communication genre and the would be emulators end up looking distinctly Third World in their desperate catch-up attempts.

12 March 2005, 23:10:24 GMT
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dave t
Deleted? Then brought back to life? Truely young Farrer has miraculous powers !

11 March 2005, 22:23:50 GMT
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Stuart Dickson
Oh, that Tuesday Club. 
Not my cup of tea I'm afraid. Even Shuggy's Blogspot is a better read than that.

11 March 2005, 22:14:15 GMT
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Stuart Dickson
You did link to Cabarfeidh ages ago, but you must have accidentally deleted it. I saw it there, I know I did! 
I know them all. All pretty good (even that rapscallion Shuggy), one or two excellent. (None of blogs as good as F&W of course.) 
Don't know Tuesday Club, but soon will.

11 March 2005, 21:49:35 GMT
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Bill (Scotland)
Thanks for the link (-:

11 March 2005, 19:13:22 GMT