Sunday 13 March 2005

Sad quote of the day

"I think we might be losing the initiative here lads." - Scottish rugby fan as Wales go 31 - 3 ahead.

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David Farrer said...

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Paul Leiws
Boys, boys, It was a fabujous day. Wales deserved her victory. I was at Murrayfield for the Scotland Italy match and it was a bitter cold day and a dreary match. Yesterday there was sufficient jumping for joy to keep everyone warm. 
Anyone for the Millenium stadium next week? We'll give the Irish a good seeing to then too.

14 March 2005, 10:40:44 GMT
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dave t
Thank Christ Charlotte bloody Church did not start singing....even the Krankies would have been better on the park!

14 March 2005, 00:13:37 GMT
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Andrew Ian Dodge
Yes, the Welsh were rather pleased while I was there late on Sunday.

13 March 2005, 22:56:44 GMT
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David Farrer
It got a little bit better in the second half.

13 March 2005, 19:34:06 GMT
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Do I really need to return to the habit of taking boots with me to Murrayfield in case the tannoy calls for a no. 8 (or 2nd row, or loose-head or even scrum-half)?

13 March 2005, 19:07:30 GMT