Friday 18 March 2005

Freedom of information: but not for us

It seems rather peculiar to read that Scottish welfare recipients are to enjoy more privacy than their English equivalents:
SCOTS farmers will be spared from disclosing all but a few of their subsidy payments, unlike their English counterparts who face the publication of all funds they receive from the European Union.
Apparently here in Scotland
officials have concluded data about Scots payments is exempt "because of data protection principles and European legislation".
I think that all of this agricultural welfare should be publicised as widely as possible. Imagine folk walking round the local supermarket, getting to the checkout expecting to pay about £50, and then being charged £100 with the following message appearing on the bill:
Thank you for supporting Europe's farmers: you know it makes sense. Please don't scrape the Range Rover on the way out.

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David Farrer said...

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Neil Craig
To abolish the CEP we would have to leave the EU - which I would support but not simply to keep food prices down. 
It is certainly the case that farmers get more handouts per capita than the unemployed but it isn't making them rich. Their total income is considerably less than the Min. of Ag. receives to help them. The average European cow gets more subsidy than the average Seirra Leonese lives on. 
If we just stopped paying farmers & also stopped planning regulations that prevent building holiday homes on their fields most of them would probably be better off. As would we.

19 March 2005, 19:41:51 GMT
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Stuart Dickson
You've hit the nail on the head with that analysis. It just shows how much Labour despises the poor that they keep food prices artificially inflated by refusing to abolish the CEP.

19 March 2005, 14:56:26 GMT