Wednesday 6 July 2005

The bar on the route to Murrayfield

Early this evening I paid a visit to my local gentleman's club for a swift beverage. With all of this week's excitements I had completely forgotten about tonight's event at Murrayfield.

Generally speaking, people going to Murrayfield are seven feet tall, six feet wide, and male. Tonight they were five feet tall, six inches wide, and female. (Admittedly a few of the deep-fried Mars Bar generation were a tad wider than half a foot.)

At the serious end of the bar a few of the regulars had commenced the rigorous seven-year-long training regime that is incumbent upon members of the British Tennent's Lager-Drinking Olympic Team. On tonight's evidence, a gold is in the bag.

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Robert Speirs
You're a living, breathing Oxymoron.

7 July 2005, 14:40:50 GMT+01:00
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Ragnar Danashold
I am interested in finding a good Libertarian blog to debate on. Despite my blogname (derived from Ayn Rands "Atlas Shrugged"), I am a Socialist. To be specific, a Trotskyist. To be even more specific, I'm: Socially Libertarian; Economicly Socialist; Internationally Globalist; and Politically Uni-Party Republican. 
It's hard to find a good place to really debate a Free-Marketeer. Hopefully, this'll be the spot. 
Any questions on my ideology would be welcomed.

6 July 2005, 21:39:31 GMT+01:00