Saturday 2 July 2005

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David Farrer said...

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Was this for Live 8 or the G8 protests?

5 July 2005, 21:31:27 GMT+01:00
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Eat the rich, etc:

5 July 2005, 10:14:24 GMT+01:00
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"Eat the Rich" is an old slogan. It wasn't original to PJ, he just adopted it.

4 July 2005, 06:11:31 GMT+01:00
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Andrew Ian Dodge
What a wonderful collection of morons...

3 July 2005, 21:26:41 GMT+01:00
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Eat the Rich? 
Is that an advertisement for oral prostitution?

3 July 2005, 20:24:59 GMT+01:00
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Sandy P
Eat the Rich? 
Is that a Protest Warrior? 
Or has someone read PJ O'Rourke's book?

3 July 2005, 17:18:24 GMT+01:00
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Trackback message 
Title: Britblog Roundup # 20 
Excerpt: Yes, we have made it to a full 20 of our 
Blog name: Tim Worstall

3 July 2005, 14:22:00 GMT+01:00
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The Bagged Bear
I got more than hacked off with this 911 Review nonsense last week when Keith Mothersson started writing the most complete drivelling nonsense about it in the Herald letters page. It wasn't even the fact that he wote it that got me, more the fact that a national newspaper chose to print it. It was neither amusing, nor quirky. Just plain dumb. 
Sorry, that's as eloquent as I can get on this subject!

3 July 2005, 09:32:05 GMT+01:00
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Anyone been to the 911 review website yet?

3 July 2005, 00:55:18 GMT+01:00
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Mark Holland
Blimey O'Reilly

2 July 2005, 19:53:20 GMT+01:00
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'9/11 Inside Job Frame Up'....I was going to say 'You couldn't make it up' but they obviously have. Thanks for showing us that this march was not the cuddly wee protest of sensible, concerned folk that has been sold to the public.

2 July 2005, 17:25:16 GMT+01:00